Last weekend me and the girls took a trip to Berlin to party and shop and then shop and party. Thought it’d be cool to write a post about where we went and what we did in case anyone was planning a trip – but mainly so I don’t forget. Our accommodation was one of my favourite parts of the whole trip. When we arrived we thought we where in the wrong place because we seemed to of walked into some kind of Hoxton style rave. The bar was full of cool adornments like a book chandelier and chalk drawn artwork. Our room was equally quirky with beds on a split level and a bunch of books and random black and white pictures as decoration. I loved it. The staff at the hotel were super friendly and it was really reasonably priced. Opposite Warschauer Straße metro station too so very accessible. www.michelbergerhotel.com That night we went out to a club called Berghain. It was definitely one of the most mental nightclub’s I’ve ever been to. To get in we had to go through more security than the airport and were told to hand our cameras in as taking photographs was “forbidden”. I was scared! The building was imensense with loads of floors and cavernous rooms. Everything was steel and concrete and we were convinced we were in some sort of old army base. Through the wonder of Google I have since learnt that the building was a former power plant and has a strong reputation for decadence and hedonism. Apparently it was once described as a place where "people openly indulge in sexual acts". Hhhhmm that’ll explain the no camera thing then! www.berghain.de The next day the hunt was on for good vintage stores. Mitte is meant to be the place for this but for some reason all we could find was a bunch of fridge shops and some very questionable looking sausages. In the end we went to Humana – a giant vintage shop with four floors. It was brilliant and we all came away with some amazing finds – including three leather jackets between us and some incredible knit wear. Result! For our second night out we went to a pretty standard hip hop club for a good old dance! Our last day was spent attempting to be cultural by visiting landmarks like Check Point Charlie and the remains of the Berlin wall. Here are few more snaps:
Sehen Sie spatter.

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